Ataraxia πŸ”Ž

Ataraxia Light - another synonym of the word serenity. A fixed-width font inspired by electrikmilk's Cathode and primarily intended to be used on a terminal. β€” djwisdom

Cathode πŸ”Ž

Inspired and based on MS-DOS and C64 characters, Cathode is a fixed width "code page" style font, primarily intended for use in the terminal. β€” electrikmilk

CJK BiΓ‘ng

The font get its name from "one of the most complex Chinese characters in modern usage": biΓ‘ng (𰻞). It is primary intended for complex Chinese glyphs. β€” Xexxa

Comic Book πŸ”Ž

The goal of "Comic book" is to emulate the imperfections of characters drawn by hand, often found in comic books, somewhat asymmetrical and unaligned. This font draws heavily from the font used in Foxtrot and the font "Komika hand". β€” Xexxa
Browser: default fantasy

Csilla πŸ”Ž

No description provided πŸ‘‹ awesomekling
Browser: default monospace System: default ui (monospace)

Katica πŸ”Ž

No description provided πŸ‘‹ awesomekling
Browser: default sans-serif Browser: default cursive System: default ui (variable-width)

Liza πŸ”Ž

No description provided πŸ‘‹ awesomekling

Lucidity πŸ”Ž

Lucidity font - Inspired by tengchaH font. The font is nowhere near tengchaH's beauty and artistic quality, rather it simply does not care for convention. Being lucid means being there, in the moment, you and your font, making beautiful conversation with each other. β€” djwisdom

Marieta πŸ”Ž

No description provided πŸ‘‹ thankyouverycool

Pebbleton πŸ”Ž

No description provided πŸ‘‹ awesomekling

Roman πŸ”Ž

Standard serif font inspired by fonts like Times New Roman. The name came from it sometimes being called β€œTimes” for short, and as Serif fonts are mainly comprised of the most pure versions of Roman/Latin letters in the English alphabet. β€” electrikmilk
Browser: default serif

Satori πŸ”Ž

Satori - one of the many synonyms of the word serenity. This is a variable-width font similar to system default font Katica. Feeling meh? Do a Satori for a quick perk me up. :^) β€” djwisdom

Satori Mono πŸ”Ž

Satori β€” from Zen Buddhism means a state of sudden spiritual enlightenment. This word is also one of the synomyms for the word "serenity". :^) A fixed-width font inspired by Csilla and eletrikmilk's Source fonts. β€” djwisdom

SerenitySans πŸ”Ž

This font was created during development of LibTTF as a free testbed to be included with the system. The author quickly felt overwhelmed and decided to go with a very simplistic, whacky style. β€” sunverwerth

Source πŸ”Ž

A fixed-width font inspired by fonts like Consolas and Menlo. It was made to be a code editor style font. β€” electrikmilk

tengchaH πŸ”Ž

A general purpose font, tengchaH has a bit of sci-fi style and has a few quirky characters. tengchaH is Klingon and translates to space station. β€” Xexxa

Tinier πŸ”Ž

No description provided πŸ‘‹ Diogenes31

Tiny πŸ”Ž

Tiny is a 6px proportional, sans-serif font with the goal of representing a wide range of Unicode in a 6x6 grid. β€” Xexxa